The Afro-Existential Podcast is the AUDIO-PLAY and PODCAST all in one. Enjoy the play, come back for the conversation.

This season, we present Pandora's Trunk by Blaine Vanteamer. A black comedy, Pandora's Trunk tells the story of Pandora Washington's quest to find the truth about her birth. In this teaser, Sister Rosemary explains how she was seduced by "the minister" at her church.

After you’ve listened to the play, come back for the Afro-Existential Podcast, where your host Indira Wilson, Frederick Johnson, and Blaine Vanteamer insightfully (and irreverently) chop up the Afro-Existential themes of the play and chat with their special guests.  


In our new interview series, entitled “The Breakthrough: from vision to fruition”. we are having conversations with people who took a great idea and made it a reality. We want to know how they did it and how they got over the obstacles along the way. We hope that it helps and inspires you to make your great idea a reality.

written by Blaine Vanteamer
LeShay Tomlinson
and Indira Wilson