hosted by: Alistair Justin-Black

Theater in the Black produces fresh new audio plays that are intended to entertain, enlighten, explore, and examine life from an Afro-Existential perspective and presents them like old-fashioned radio shows. Join host Alistair Justin-Black as he takes you on a Journey into Afro-Existentialism.

The Audio Play
Dead Wait: A Journey In Afro-Existentialism
written by Blaine Vanteamer
Directed by Indira Wilson  

Feeling stuck, Los Angeles natives, Georgina, Brady, and son Oliver Mulligan each have a plan to make their dreams of a better life come true. Can they put their past issues behind them and work together or will they just continue to do the same things that keep them stuck where they are?  A black comedy, Dead Wait: A Journey in Afro-Existentialism tells the story of a modern all- American family. People who love each other but still wrestle with basic human fears: abandonment, poverty, death, and Los Angeles traffic.


Indira Wilson

+ Shawn Carter- Peterson

words + music + digital collages

created by Blaine Vanteamer